Best Agility Ladders

Agility ladder buyers guide

Agility ladders are used for performing a variety of agility drills that get your pulse racing and burn calories to aid with weight loss. They also provide a great way to improve your balance and coordination whilst boosting your speed and overall athletic performance.

If you are looking to take your speed, agility, and reactions to the next level, an agility ladder is an excellent tool to consider. Not only are they compact and relatively inexpensive, you can get an effective training session from anywhere whenever it suits you.

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What are the best agility ladders?

Here we will take a look at our best agility ladders from the hundreds of agility ladder reviews that we have researched and analysed in great detail.

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What are the benefits of agility ladders?

The agility ladder is a piece of exercise equipment that can be used to perform a wide number of agility drills. Agility ladder drills are great for developing coordination and can also be used as a great warm up drill.

Agility ladder drills are considered a type of high intensity interval training. By going “all out” in short bursts of intense effort and then taking a brief pause, you typically blast fat and burn more calories than you would doing most lower-intensity, steady-state cardio activities.

Agility training improves flexibility, balance, and control. Agility helps the body to maintain proper alignment and posture during movement. Additionally, agility drills encourage our body to learn how to maintain correct body placement.

Agility training for the elderly helps strengthen core joints to improve balance and mobility, aid better movement and prevent injury from falls that can occur as you age. It also engages both mind and body coordination as you learn to focus on every move.

The success you have with an agility ladder will greatly depend on the exercise routing that you use. There are some agility ladders that include workouts for you to follow and there are also many videos available online where you can learn how to use an agility ladder to reach your specific goals.

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How to choose the best agility ladder for you

In order to find the best agility ladders for your home gym, you will want to consider some of the key features and narrow down your search according to those which meet your own individual requirements.

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One of the most important things to look for is the length of the ladder. The longer the ladder is, the more space you will be able to have between the rungs and the longer your sequences can be. However, longer ladders will be less compact and portable. Ideally, you would want a ladder to be around 20-30 feet long.

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A rung is one of the horizontal steps of a ladder. You should consider how many rungs there are, the distance between them, if they can be adjusted and how wide they are. Generally speaking, the longer a ladder is, the more rungs it will have. Most 20ft ladders have around 12 rungs. The more portable ladders will have less than 10 rungs, making them easier to carry around.

The average distance between rungs is approximately 15”. The larger the gap between rungs, the easier the agility routine will be. If the gap is too tight, the ladder will be difficult to use unless you have small feet. Ideally, you would want the rungs to be around 16” or adjustable. Fully-adjustable ladders allow you to move the rungs as much as you want along the length of the straps.

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The best agility ladders will be made of durable materials that can stand the test of time, even with frequent use. This is especially important if you are using the ladder on a rough surface or outdoors.

You will find that most straps are made out of nylon, but some will be more durable than others. The rungs are usually made of plastic but you can go for a more premium model that has heavy-duty hardened plastic which is going to be more resilient in the long run.

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If you want to be able to carry your agility ladder around with you, make sure you look at the options that have slimmer rungs so they aren’t to bulky when folded up. There are ladders that come with carry cases which can be useful for convenient storage and transport.

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Other features

Other things to consider when buying an agility ladder include whether it has pins to secure it to the ground, colour coded rungs, cones, resistance parachute, etc.

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At the end of the day, you should look for an agility ladder that fits within your price range. Thankfully, you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to get an agility ladder that will do the job.

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The best agility ladders will be those that meet your own unique needs but you should consider how durable they are, the materials used, the length, the rungs, portability and price.

Whatever option you go for, agility ladders provide a fun and effective way to improve your cardio performance along with your balance, co-ordination, reactions and speed.

Happy training! 

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