Best All In One Functional Trainer

Best all in one functional trainer buying guide

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of fitness equipment, look no further than all in one functional trainer. These trainers can help you do everything from cardio to strength training, making them perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape. In this Best all in one functional trainer buying guide, we’ll take a closer look at what all in one functional trainer is and how they can help you reach your fitness goals. 

What is the best all in one functional trainer?

Here are our top picks for the best all-in one functional trainer on today’s market.

We’ve researched and analyzed hundreds of these products in detail, so read more about them below or go straight into their full specifications!

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What are the types of all in one functional trainer?

These are the types of all in one functional trainers that we researched on the market today:

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entry level all in one functional trainer

  • have the lowest price but have the least number of resistance bands and offers less variety of exercises
  • amount of resistance for each band on an entry-level machine is not that great therefore you are limited to your workout program
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mid range all in one functional trainer

you can increase your resistance by changing the bands

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high end trainers

have a better warranty and lifetime guarantee compared to mid-range training equipment and on high end all in one functional trainer, you are able to change resistance by using a pin that you can place in different holes of each band, therefore, creating more resistance for your workouts.

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What are the benefits of all in one functional trainer?

The following are the benefits of all in one functional trainer:

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Preventing Injuries

Because you are responsible for the weight of the bars and plates, it is important to ensure that your body can handle a certain amount of weight. If you have a shoulder injury, then using lighter weights should be no problem, but if you want to lift heavy, then working with dumbbells or barbells could be a problem.

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Make Each Workout Fun

Because there are so many different exercises that you can do on all in one functional trainer, it makes each workout unique because they are all a little bit different.

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Can Be Used by Any Fitness Level

Functional trainers are great for beginners because they can control the amount of weight that they are using, but they are also great for advanced lifters because there is so much you can do with them.

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Good For Losing Weight

Although functional trainers are not designed specifically for burning fat, they can be effectively used to lose weight.

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Increase Strength and Stamina

Although some fitness experts believe that the functional trainer might not be as effective as dumbbells in the development of strength and/or body composition, there are several studies suggesting that functional training can be just as effective.

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What exercises can you do with all in one functional trainer?

These are the exercises that you can do with all in one functional trainer:

  • Run or walk at high speed with resistance.
  • Do an oblique crunch. The bars above the belt can be rolled from left to right and back again, thereby working your whole abdominal wall.
  • Do a lat pull-down. This is best done with your arms in front of you and by pulling down with straight arms
  • Pull yourself up over the shoulder pads with heavy weights attached to you, using an underhand grip
  • Shoot forward against the resistance of the belt and place your feet on the side rollers while your hands grip the bars above. This will work your triceps like no other exercise
  • Placing your feet on the side rollers, push yourself backward against resistance. This works your glutes and hamstrings.
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How to choose the best all in one functional trainer?

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If you want a functional trainer that can be used for both upper and lower body exercises, then you’ll probably have to buy a piece of equipment capable of handling high weights. All in one functional trainer are excellent if you do not have much room to spare, so they can be useful if you live in an apartment or a small house.

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Check the weight capacity of your potential new trainer – most can bear around 200lbs (90kg) on each side for leg exercises and somewhere between400-600lbs (180-270kg) for arm exercises, but some can even take 1000lbs (450kg).

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Size is an important thing to consider – you want a functional trainer that can fit in your room without taking up too much space! However, if you live in a big house then size won’t be such an issue

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Check the safety features of any functional trainers that you are considering buying – look at the width and length of the footplates and ensure that your feet will fit on both.

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Look at how comfortable your potential new functional trainer is – if you are going to be spending a lot of time on it then make sure that the hand grips are covered with high-density foam and check the seat, backrest, and pedals to see how good they are

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Figure out how much money you can afford to spend – functional trainers usually cost $500-$3000 so choose one within your budget

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Figure out if it has any necessary accessories – most functional trainers have an exercise chart included so you can see what movements are performed on the machine and what muscles those movements work.

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Yes, it is worth the money. We are all worried about our budget when looking for a home gym machine but if you’re committed to your workout routine and want variety in workouts then investing in an All-in-One functional trainer will be well worth the investment. The benefits of using this type of equipment far outweighs any negatives so we highly recommend trying out one before deciding on whether they work for you!

Happy training! 

Rich is an avid bodybuilder who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to the sport. He has a strong passion for health and fitness, living a clean lifestyle with a commitment to helping others educate themselves and fulfil their true potential.

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