Best Buffalo Barbells

Best Buffalo Barbells Buying Guide

These innovative new weights add an extra level of challenge to your workouts and are perfect for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. With the best buffalo barbells, you’ll never get bored with your routine again!

Here we’ve got the top picks for you, plus a few tips on how to choose the right set for your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ll help you find the perfect buffalo barbells for your workouts. Read on to learn more!

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What are the best buffalo barbells?

We have scoured the internet for hours looking at all our favorite reviews, analyzing them to make this list.

Beneath you will find some of the best buffalo barbells –the ones that are most popular with customers and loved by others who own them as well!

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What are the types of buffalo barbells?

First, let’s decide what kind of buffalo barbells we need. There are 3 types:

1. Standard weightlifting

2. Olympic competition

3. Powerlifting

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The standard weightlifting buffalo barbells

The ones we can use in regular fitness gyms, they’re useful for beginners to do the essential exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press…etc. They will be enough for most people who want to build some muscles or to lose weight.

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The buffalo barbells for Olympic bodybuilders

They’re the thinnest type, they’re made of chromed steel, and they’re 240 cm long. Those are lighter than standard buffalo barbells so it’s easier to do power cleans because you won’t feel tired when carrying them.

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The Powerlifting buffalo barbells

For the serious bodybuilders. They’re 260 cm long and their diameter is about 28 mm. This type of buffalo barbell is more expensive than standard ones but it’s extremely strong which means they will last longer even if you use them regularly in your fitness center or gym.

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What are the benefits of buffalo barbells?

Did you know that buffalo barbells offer several benefits that other types of barbells don’t? In this buying guide, we’ll look at a few of the key benefits of buffalo barbells and how they can help you reach your fitness goals. 

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Increase Muscle Mass

First, buffalo barbells are most popular with people who want to gain weight. This is because they generally contain more metal than other types of bars. This means that if you lift weights (such as with the Bench Press or Squat) with them then you will be able to naturally bulk up and increase your muscle mass.

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Increase Strength

If you want to increase your strength, then buffalo barbells are also beneficial. This is because they are typically used by people who want to work their bodies out even harder than other types of bars (because they contain more metal). If you do end up buying a buffalo barbell, the first thing that you will notice is that you’re looking for a bit of variety in your life, because having a buffalo barbell can be a great way to work your muscles out even harder. If you’re not already using one, then it might be worth considering investing in your buffalo barbell today – you certainly won’t regret it!

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What exercises can you do with buffalo barbells?

A buffalo barbell is a standard Olympic weightlifting bar with one end of the shaft flattened and grooved. The cross-section of this flattened portion resembles a buffalo’s head, and thus the name “buffalo” for this type of weightlifting bar.

Buffalo bars are used to perform many different exercises. Some exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Snatches
  • Cleans and Jumps
  • Deadlifts
  • One-Arm Presses
  • Shrugs, Curls, and other types of Barbell Exercises
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How to choose the best buffalo barbells

These are key things to look out for when choosing the best buffalo barbells:

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The standard weight is 45-pounds. But many people like to lift more, and the best buffalo barbells can handle 440 pounds (which is considered extremely heavy).

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The standard size is 7 feet long and 1.3-1.5 inches in thickness.

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It protects the floor from damage from scratches from dropped weights and has a non-slip grip that prevents it from slipping when it’s wet or sweaty. Since this equipment doesn’t have a bushing, you will have to buy a separate anti-rattle collar or rubber band.

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The buffalo barbell is very comfortable because of the shape and grip of its sleeve. It has a perfect size for most hands with its knurled grips that ensure a good grip without tearing your palms or fingers during workouts.

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This equipment is very affordable considering its durability, comfortability, and functionality. It usually goes for about $500 which is 2-3 times cheaper than other brands that deliver the same performance.

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You can purchase this equipment with or without collars, so you have to choose depending on how often you use it. But if you buy a buffalo barbell with collars, the price will be decreased by about $20.

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The price range is from $500 to $600 which is cheap compared to other brands that cost more than a thousand dollars for standard bars. Buffalo barbells offer the same quality as other expensive brands but at a more affordable price.

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Tips for using buffalo barbells

Here are some of the practical tips when using buffalo barbells:

Chalk is great for buffalo barbells – it takes all the moisture away from your hands, leaving them dry and grippy. It does not provide any sort of additional grip – it just doesn’t let your hands slip with the barbell.

You would also do well to avoid heavily knurled bars when you’re planning on doing deadlifts. Knurling provides extra grip, but for pulling, it can become a problem – you want the bar to roll in your hands (not slide), to maximize efficiency. That’s why bars like Texas Power Bar are popular among lifters who do both Olympic lifts and deadlifts.

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A buffalo barbell is a good investment for those who want to have a functional bar that can hold up their workouts without making them spend too much money. It is durable, comfortable, and adjustable with different weights, so you’ll feel like your money was worth buying best buffalo barbells!

Happy training! 

Rich is an avid bodybuilder who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to the sport. He has a strong passion for health and fitness, living a clean lifestyle with a commitment to helping others educate themselves and fulfil their true potential.

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