Best Cardio Machine For Home

Best cardio machine for home buying guide

If you’re like most people, you despise the thought of exercising in public. Gyms can be packed and smelly, and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour on a treadmill next to some sweaty guy who’s breathing down your neck. But what if we told you that there’s a way to get your cardio workout at home – without having to leave the comfort of your living room? It’s true! All you need is a cardio machine. So, what are the best cardio machines for home

What is the best cardio machine for home?

Here we will look at our favorite best cardio machine for home, which is perfect if you have limited space and need something compact but also effective!

A lot of people might not realize this yet – they can do their workouts in the comfort (and privacy) of their own homes. With so many options available these days it’s easy to get lost among all those shiny machines; luckily, we’re here with our top list today…let us show them off one by one while explaining why each choice was such an obvious winner when compared against its competitors—you’ll see soon enough just how well thought out every detail really.

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What are the types of cardio machines for home?

We researched the types of cardio machines for homes from a lot of fitness sites and these are what we found

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The treadmill gives you a workout that includes walking or running on it. This machine, considered one of the best cardio machines for home, offers features that help you run faster and longer than other cardio machines.

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Elliptical Trainer

This machine is also a good cardio machine, and it simulates the elliptical motion of running, walking, or hiking. You can burn up to 800 calories in one hour using this machine

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Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes offer a low impact workout that strengthens your legs, glutes and hamstrings while you pedal

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Stationary Bike

Another good cardio machine is the stationary bike that helps you cycle indoors, burning calories and strengthening your lower body

Stepper Machine This machine offers a low impact workout for toning your legs and glutes while helping you lose weight by stepping up to a higher calorie burn

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Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is like elliptical type of machine but with more action

Rowing Machine The rowing machines are perfect for a whole-body workout, toning your arms, back, legs and abs. You can burn up to 350 calories by swimming in the air on this machine.

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Spinning Bike

Spinning bikes give an intense cardio workout and help you improve your speed, endurance, and strength

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Boxing Bag

The boxing bag offers a full body cardio workout that includes arms, legs, abs shoulders. In addition to toning your body it also helps you practice self defense

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Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a cost-effective cardio machine that helps you increase your speed, agility, and coordination. You can burn up to 800 calories within one hour.

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Stair Stepper

The stair stepper machine offers an intense workout for your legs, quads, glutes, calves, and abs

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Ski Machine

This machine simulates the motion of skiing that helps you build your lower body and leg muscles while enjoying a great workout

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Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is a cost-effective cardio machine that provides an all over body workout.

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Stationary Bicycle

Another low impact cardio machine for burning calories, avoiding stress on your joints, and having fun

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Rowing Machine

This machine is perfect to tone your arms, back, legs and abs while helping you burn calories.

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What are the benefits of a cardio machine for home?

These are the known benefits of a cardio machine for home that we have read from the most popular fitness blogs:

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More oxygen to your brain

When you exercise, more blood flows from the heart to the brain.

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Weight loss without even trying

Some researchers suggest that the time spent on the treadmill could be used to read a book, watch TV, or even answer emails.

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Builds bones and muscles

Just because you’re not pounding concrete doesn’t mean your bones don’t need strengthening

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Controls blood sugar levels

Exercise helps maintain healthy glucose (blood sugar) levels, in turn helping to ward off type 2 diabetes

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Reduces risk of cancer

Studies suggest that women who exercise regularly may reduce their risk of breast, endometrial and colon cancers by up to 30%

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Reduces stress levels

Exercise releases “feel good” hormones called endorphins, which relieve stress and improve mood

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Improves sleep and mood

Regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

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Helps to prevent heart disease

Regular exercisers reduce their risk for heart disease, regardless of how fast they run on the treadmill or how many reps they complete at the gym.

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What exercises can you do with a cardio machine at home?

These are the exercises that you can do with a cardio machine at home as follows:

  • Straight Arm Crunch
  • Heel Raise
  • Oblique Twist
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Side Bends
  • Straight Leg Deadlift
  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Russian Twist
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How to choose the best cardio machine for home?

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One of the features that defines an equipment as a great choice for cardiovascular training is its ability to adjust. You can’t leave everything to one single machine if you want to attain all your fitness goals.

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For a workout, a heavy machine will last longer.

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Although rowing machines come in different sizes and shapes, they are usually compact enough to fit into any size room.

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Make sure the rowing machine is sturdy, so it doesn’t tip over and that the flywheel is not too heavy, so it won’t hurt your ankles.

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The best rowing machine will have comfortable grips, a padded seat, and an air-resistance feature so it’s less strenuous on your body.

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Rowing machines range in price from less than $100 to more than $1,500. If you want a lightweight machine with basic features, expect to pay under $300.

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Check if the model you are interested has console features such as a heart rate monitor, calorie counter or workout data.

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Ultimately, this all depends on your personal preference and what you want to get out of the cardio machine. If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that will help with weight loss or if you want something heavy duty for intense workouts, we hope we’ve helped narrow down the selection process so you can find the perfect piece of equipment!

Happy training! 

Rich is an avid bodybuilder who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to the sport. He has a strong passion for health and fitness, living a clean lifestyle with a commitment to helping others educate themselves and fulfil their true potential.

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