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If you are looking to build muscles in your back, chest, arms and shoulders, dips and pull-ups should be a vital part of your training routine. These are two of the most important exercises for improving your upper body strength.

The more you train your upper body, the easier dips and pull-ups will become. After a while, lifting your body weight will not be challenging enough. This is where a dip belt comes into play. You simply strap the dip belt around your waist and attach weights to add resistance to your dips and pull-ups.

There are so many dip belts to choose from which may seem confusing at first. Don’t worry, here we have picked our best dip belts along with the reasons why and what to look for during your search.

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What are the best dip belts?

Here we will take a look at our best dip belts from the hundreds of dip belt reviews that we have researched and analysed in great detail.

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What are the benefits of dip belts?

Dip belts let you add weight to upper body exercises such as dips and pull-ups. If you have performed these exercises using your body weight for a long time, your muscles get used to it and therefore they don’t need to get stronger. However, increasing the resistance by using a dip belt with weights, means that the upper body muscles need to work harder and therefore get stronger.

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How to choose the best dip belt for you

When shopping around for the best dip belts, there are a few main features you want to keep an eye out for. Let’s take a brief look at them.

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Dip Belt Comfort

Firstly, ensure that the dip belt is manufactured with a comfortable and durable material. You will find that many dip belts are made from neoprene which can provide a good balance between comfort and durability. The thicker the neoprene, the less it is likely to rub against you and disturb your workout.

Leather dip belts are also popular as they are rigid, durable and look good. It is worth keeping in mind that it can take a few weeks to break in the leather but after that, you will have a dip belt that can handle plenty of weight and stand the test of time.

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Dip Belt Size

Dip belts usually come in one size which makes sense because they do not need to completely wrap around your torso as a normal weightlifting belt does. However, make sure that the dip belt will fit comfortably.

The other important size consideration is the length of the dip belts chain. You will find that the majority of dip belt chains are between 34” to 36” which can be ideal for your average weight lifter. If you are on the larger size, you might want to look for a dip belt with a 40” chain or above. The longer the chain, the further the weights will hang from your waist.

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Dip Belt Weight Capacity

Another important dip belt feature is the weight capacity it can hold. Some budget dip belts may only hold a few hundred pounds but the more premium dip belts can hold thousands of pounds. The best dip belts should be able to hold plenty of weight so that you can increase weight over time as your strength improves. When checking the weight capacity, make sure it denotes the whole belt and not just the chain.

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Along with a weighted vest, dip belts offer a convenient way to add weight to some of the most important bodyweight exercises for building strength. No matter what dip belt you choose, all of these options can deliver the incredible benefits of adding resistance to your dips and pull-ups, in a relatively small, convenient and budget friendly package. A good dip belt is an essential fitness accessory for any serious lifter.

Happy training! 


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