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Resistance bands buyers guide

Resistance bands provide a great way to train and strengthen your muscles, whilst being extremely versatile, compact and easy on the pocket. These colourful and flexible bands can be used from the comfort of your own home, office or taken with you on your travels for training whilst on the go.

Not only do resistance bands build up strength, they are also used for physical rehabilitation and as part of a cardio exercise routine, capable of isolating muscles that free weights cannot individually target. You don’t need to invest in a wide range of large fitness equipment to get a full body workout with resistance bands.

Although it may seem like resistance bands serve the same purpose, they come with a range of different features and in all shapes and sizes. In order to help you find the best resistance bands for your needs, we have handpicked our favourites and covered some of the things to look for during your search.

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What are the best resistance bands?

Here we will take a look at our best resistance bands from the hundreds of resistance band reviews that we have researched and analysed in great detail.

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What are the benefits of resistance bands?

Resistance bands are an easy-to-use exercise tool that come in all different lengths and tensions from light to extra heavy. Some are designed in loops or some are straight, flat or tubular with handles attached. They can be used to create different workouts which can help to build strength and improve mobility.

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How to choose the best resistance bands for you

Whilst resistance bands generally serve the same purpose of improving your fitness and helping with rehabilitation, there are few different types that you can buy. Some will be more focused on strength training whereas others can be a great way to improve flexibility and mobility.

The length of resistance bands can be an important thing to consider as it will determine the movements that you can do with them. Some bands will be better for hitting larger muscle groups and some for smaller muscle groups. The resistance bands around the 50cm mark will be more for your upper body muscles whereas the longer bands will give you the option to train your whole body from various angles.

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Tube resistance bands

Tube resistance bands include handles and can come with additional attachments that enable you to hook them up and over your doors or other pieces of gym equipment. This way you can increase the variety of upper- and lower-body exercises that the resistance bands will deliver.

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Flat resistance bands

Flat resistance bands do not have handles and tend to look just like big rubber bands. These type of resistance bands are primarily designed for rehabilitation but can also be a good solution for performing exercises such as a bench press and doing yoga or Pilates.

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Mini resistance bands

Mini resistance bands can be good for targeting lower-body movements, supporting lateral movements, and being implemented as part of your strength training routine.

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Figure-eight bands

Figure 8 resistance bands get their name from their shape, offering support and extra stability for your workouts that are focused on toning muscles and replicating the feeling of using gym equipment. They usually feature a length of tubing in the shape of an 8. Unlike a lot of other bands, they include soft handles at each end that can help make many moves easier to manoeuvre. You can use figure 8 bands for a solid lower-body or upper-body workout.

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Why are resistance bands a different colour?

You will notice that resistance bands come in different colours. Interestingly, this is just not for aesthetics. The different colours show the levels of resistance that the bands offer and therefore, what type of exercise they are more suitable for. Keep in mind that this is not always the case for all brands of resistance bands so make sure you check before using them.

The resistance levels can range from very light to very heavy. The lighter bands are generally more suited to smaller muscle groups such as the shoulders and arms whereas the heavy resistance bands are more geared towards the larger muscles such as the chest, back and legs.

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What material are resistance bands made from?

You will notice that most resistance bands are sheets or tubes of elastic materials which is made out of either synthetic or latex rubber. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Latex bands tend to have more natural elasticity but make sure that you don’t have any allergies if you are considering latex bands.

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Do resistance bands break?

If you do not look after your resistance bands or use them correctly, there is a small chance that they may snap. Natural latex bands should not be left in direct sunlight or hot conditions as they can dry out and become fragile. Consider how you store your resistance bands when not in use. Try not to leave them wrapped around other equipment or put them in another place where they are under stress that could deform the bands over time.

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Resistance bands are elastic bands that are commonly used for strength training, losing weight and muscular rehabilitation. They are typically made from latex or synthetic rubber and come in various resistance levels and shapes (flat bands, loops, tubes, etc.).

Whichever bands you choose, they will offer a range of benefits from resistance training in a compact, versatile and inexpensive package. A set of the best resistance bands is an essential fitness accessory for anyone looking to improve their fitness and mobility.

Happy training! 

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