Best Weightlifting Belts

Weightlifting belt buyers guide

Weightlifting is an excellent form of resistance exercise that allows you to build strength in a controlled environment. Poor lifting strategy, lifting too much weight fast, or lack of core strength and stability during your workout can often lead to injury. Weightlifting belts are a great way to protect yourself during heavy lifting by providing adequate support to your core.

With the endless weightlifting belt options out there, pinpointing the best one for you can be overwhelming. These options come in multiple designs, materials, and functionality. Are you looking to get yourself an incredible weightlifting belt for your workout routines? Don’t worry – here’s a complete guide to the 5 best weightlifting belts you can invest in right now.

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What are the best weightlifting belts?

Here we will take a look at our best weightlifting belts from the hundreds of weightlifting belt reviews that we have researched and analysed in great detail.

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How to choose the best weight lifting belt for you

So, you’ve decided to get a weightlifting belt but you’re probably wondering how to go about it – that’s alright! Anytime you’re investing in a new piece of gym equipment, the goal is to check that it has everything you need. When it comes to the best weightlifter belt, make sure to assess the following:

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Type of Material

You’ve got to select a belt that is made using materials that best suits your needs. Weight lifting belts are commonly made with leather or nylon. While there are a few nylon weightlifting belts that offer impeccable quality, the leather belts feature premium quality and durability.

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Single Prong, Double Prong, or Lever Belt

Another imperative decision to make when buying a weightlifting belt is the type of prong. Some fitness enthusiasts find belts with double prongs unnecessary and annoying to use. Others find them to be elegant and nice looking. If you’re looking for a quick, easy-to-use option, you might want to consider lever belts.

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Belt Dimensions

If you’re into heavy powerlifting and strongman training, you might want to consider getting thick weightlifting belts. For beginners and casual lifters, the belt doesn’t need to be too bulky. Thereupon, the 5mm belts can work just fine.

When it comes to weightlifting belts, it’s worth noting that there’s no one size fit. The best weightlifting belt relies on your needs. However, with the above guide, you’re sure to identify the best weightlifting belts for you.

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What exercises can you perform with a weightlifting belt?

A weightlifting belt provides essential support and comfort when performing back and front squats. The deadlift is another compound movement that can use a weightlifting belt support to prevent injuries and bracing cues.

These belts come in handy to provide an additional level of support at both the bottom and ascending portion of the clean and jerk workout routines. Other workout routines that might require you to use a weightlifting belt include barbell rows and bench press.

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Benefits of weightlifting belts

A weight lifting belt helps by maintaining your neutral torso positioning to avoid excessive lumbar flexion. Of course, when the lumbar spine is loaded heavily in the flexed position, it most often brings about spine injuries.

Strength athletes use weightlifting belts to displace stress-induced from heavy training. Whether you’re planning to build strength or participate in a competition, the belt assists with how much one can endure.

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Tips for using your weightlifting belt

Generally, weightlifting belts provide a structure for your abs to push against during a workout. Therefore, correctly positioning and tightening the workout belt is worthwhile. Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

  • Take a deep breath and hold it in
  • Brace your abdominal wall
  • Fasten your belt
  • Breathe out
  • Readjust if you can’t breathe comfortably
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Weightlifting belts provide a remarkable way to safeguard your spine and improve your performance. Just like any other strength training equipment, you’ve got to get the best weightlifting belt for your workout routine. With the above guide, you’re sure to learn all you need to know about the best weightlifting belts to buy.

Happy lifting!

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