Best Weightlifting Gloves

Weightlifting gloves buyers guide

Weightlifting gloves are specifically designed to give you comfort, protection and a good grip during your workout. With so many exercise gloves to choose from, it can seem like an overwhelming task to filter the good from the bad. Thankfully, we have done all the hard work for you!

Read on to discover our best weightlifting gloves and some of the key things to look for before buying a pair.

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What are the best weightlifting gloves?

Here we will take a look at our best weightlifting gloves from the hundreds of weightlifting glove reviews that we have researched and analysed in great detail.

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What are the benefits of weightlifting gloves?

Weight lifting requires continuous use of your hands as you lift the barbell and dumbbells. Also, when you are loading and de-loading the bar, you will be manoeuvring weights around. If you want a strong grip for your pull-ups and chin-ups, you will need a good pair of gloves.

Not only can lifting gloves provide superior grip, they also offer protection to help prevent injuries and damage to your hands. Some weightlifting gloves have wrist wraps for added protection. This is especially useful for those of you who are lifting heavier weights. An alternative to weightlifting gloves is chalk, but this can get messy and comes with its own disadvantages.

A good pair of weightlifting gloves can help you get that last rep and even improve your lifting technique.

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How to choose the best weightlifting gloves for you

We all follow different workout routines and have different needs. The best weightlifting gloves will be those that feel comfortable, provide a strong grip and protect your hands. Some of the key things to consider if you are in the market for a pair of gloves include:

  • Material used
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Grip
  • Wrist wraps
  • Machine washable
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No matter what weightlifting gloves you choose, all of these options can bring benefits to your resistance training at a relatively small price.

Happy training! 

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